Welcome to Maverick

We are insurance experts with combined NZ insurance industry experience spanning over 28 years. Our team has worked in various insurance companies and advisory firms. We give sound advice on protecting yourself, your business, your family and everything else that is important in your life.

Responsive Team

Fast and reliable response from our expert team.

Industry Trust

Well trusted in financial industry.

Premium Service

We look after our client more than any one else.

Why Choose Us

We listened to what people were saying about insurance and understood 3 basic needs.

1. Insurance is confusing, simplify it for me

2. Help me so I can make an informed decision

3. Be there for me at claim time!

Maverick was formed with these client needs in mind, and we believe that having our adviser is the best insurance you can ever have.

We provide personalised service and develop a plan specific that will meet your needs.

Our industry experience and a deep understanding of the products enables us to negotiate the best insurance solutions. We are also able to give expert advice on companies and products that will most suit your needs and budget. We are also there for you at claim time.

We stand by our promise to you through our client testimonies.

Meet The Team

Meet with our wonderful and professional team!

Sanjay Lal

Managing Director